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Benhaven Fire/Rescue
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The History of Benhaven Emergency Services started in the year of 1982.  Years before, it was apparent that the surrounding area needed a Fire Dept and Rescue Squad, but several attempts to vote it into being failed.  A meeting was held on February 9, 1982 at Barbecue Presbyterian Church which got the ball rolling.  On March 26, 1982, articles of incorporation were granted, and the original committee became the board of directors.  August 23, 1982 was a very important for Benhaven Emergency Services.  Groundbreaking took place in both areas they had set for Station 1 (BBQ) and Station 2 (Olivia), and by Winter both buildings were virtually completed.  October 1, 1982, the service became operational.


Our Department has come a long way over the years.  It starts at the top with a Division Chief, Deputy Chief, Asst. Fire Chief, Asst. EMS Chief, and Fire/EMS Capitans or Lieutenants.  It is made up of both Paid and Volunteer Members.  The EMS Division has a total of 21 Paid Members and 8 Volunteers.  The Fire Division has a total of 15 Paid Members and 16 Volunteers.  Both Divisions have Members that are Paid, but also Volunteer as well, and some of our Members are Dual Certified in both Fire and EMS.

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