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Benhaven Emergency Services provides several different "Services" outside of our normal Fire/EMS responses such as :

-Community Outreach: We take pride in our community, therefore, we like to get out and meet the one's we serve.  With Community Outreach, we participate in several different programs.  One of which includes taking our Fire/EMS Trucks and Equipment out to different Schools/Daycare Facilities and teach about Fire Prevention and Awareness which allows us to form a bond with the younger population and gets them used to the equipment and different aspects of how we look and what we do on different emergencies so that they will understand we aren't there to hurt them, and they don't have to be scared of us or hide.  We also provide prevention and safety information to the general public and answer any questions you may have.

-Event Staffing: We provide Fire/EMS Staff and Equipment at different events around the community.  Our most popular events are Western Harnett Athletic Events.  We provide on-site Medical Staff who are there to respond directly to any injury/emergency that may occur at the particular event.  This makes it possible for the victims or persons in need to get the prompt medical attention they deserve.

-Junior Firefighter Program: Our Department welcomes all youth who are at least 16 years of age to participate in the program.  This program is designed for anyone who may be interested in a Firefighting Career and lets them get a taste into what it's like and also gives them the resources they need into making this Career a possibility.

-Fire Permits/Inspections: Anytime you need to burn something outside, you need to obtain a burning permit.  You may obtain one from our Olivia Station by an authorized member.  Before you make a trip to the station, you should call first and make sure someone is here to fill one out for you.  Our Contact Information is located in the About Section.  We also do Inspections for all of our Commercial Buildings in the area to make sure all codes are met and for the confirmation that the establishments are safe.

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